Growing faith, sharing hope: a look back at 2020

Updated: Jan 8

We never imagined, at the start of 2020, the changes this year would bring.

“We saw the introduction of revised safety precautions, an increase in the number of help requests, added costs for materials and reduced financial support — just to name a few,” explained Home Repairs Executive Director Mark Wolfe. “Through all this, 96 projects were completed and hope was restored for many.”

And that makes looking back feel even more important.

Sandwiched in between all the hurdles and hard times, we discovered so many blessings this year. And plenty were reflected on the Home Repairs blog. We saw stories of life-changing moments, dedicated volunteers and unbeatable faith.

So, we decided to collect your Top 5 favorite Home Repairs stories.

These stories matter because they remind us, even in the middle of uncertainty, that we’re still surrounded by so much kindness and hope — if we know where to look. And most of all, these stories remind us of God’s faithfulness.

Ready to dive in?

#1: Home Repairs gives the gift of friendship, hope

“Every time we wake up and see another day, we’re blessed. It’s up to us to choose whether we’re going to be happy that day or sad or grumpy, you know?”

Who couldn’t use a dose of Glenda’s upbeat attitude in 2020?

This Duluth senior doesn’t seem to let health issues or chronic home repairs dampen her faith. She’s gone without electricity and water. She knows the local code enforcement officer by their first name. But she’s still counting her blessings.

Click here for Glenda’s story. We promise you’ll be encouraged!

#2: Independent retiree gains a new sense of security in her home

“I prayed and prayed for the answer to my home repair needs,” said Sue, not quite sure where she’d turn.

But today, Sue has a whole new sense of security, thanks to Home Repairs volunteers — and your support. Discover what made the difference for this Fulton County senior.

#3: Teaching a mom to fish: a decade-long partnership

“The most significant thing to me is not the fixing of things that need to be repaired, but it's the way that the people bring light, joy and love into my home environment. You feel like you are part of their family and community.”

Keller, a single mom of five, reached out to Home Repairs more than 10 years ago. Since then, volunteers have helped with various projects and offered repair advice. And over the years, Keller discovered so much more than home repair help. Her story is here.

#4: Safe and Secure - the Home Repairs Difference

“I just had to let it go and pray about it until I could figure something out financially.”

Anna, a widow, wasn’t sure how she’d tackle the rotted wood around her bay window and on her porch. The problem had caused plenty of restless nights. How would she pay for all the repairs? Discover how God provided for Anna.

#5: Long-time volunteer marks more than a decade of service

“It is in response to what Christ has done for me that I want to serve Him by serving others.”

It seemed like an ordinary Sunday. But for John Manderscheid, it was the start of a decade serving those in need through Home Repairs Ministry. Click to hear what motivates this faithful volunteer.

We hope you are encouraged by looking back at these stories. We know we are, especially as we look forward to what God will do in 2021!

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