Home Repairs gives the gift of friendship, hope

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

She struggles with health issues.

She’s gone without electricity and water.

And she’s on a first-name basis with the code enforcement officer. 

But Miss Glenda still finds a reason to smile.

“Every time we wake up and see another day, we’re blessed,” said this Duluth senior. “It’s up to us to choose whether we’re going to be happy that day or sad or grumpy, you know?”

Glenda, who has faced her fair share of home repairs, first bumped into Home Repairs Ministries through her church.

“Water had went through my ceiling, and I needed a large piece of sheetrock put up,” she explained. 

That’s when one of her friends at Perimeter Church mentioned Home Repairs. 

“They told me [at the time] that Miss Jan and Harvey Anderson do a ministry to help people with home repairs,” she said. 

She called the Andersons. And when she did, she discovered more than home repairs. Glenda found a whole new crew of friends  — just when she needed them most.

“My favorite men are Mark [Home Repairs’ Executive Director] and Mr. Anderson and all of them,” she said. “Mark is the new sheriff in town. He’s a good guy. He has some good sidekicks. I call them my blessings. Some are from our church and some are from other churches. But they’re all men of God. And they’re all here for one reason — to spread the word of God and His love.”

“They’re not just Home Repairs Ministries to me,” she added. “They’re my extended family.”

Over the years, volunteers have helped Glenda with a variety of projects. One project Glenda is especially grateful for? Her porch and porch steps.

“Mark told me: ‘I don’t want you going down those steps.’ We went and looked and my steps were hanging by one nail. It was just a matter of time. I would have went down 20 feet or so,” she said. “Mark said: ‘We’re going to take care of that.’ They went to nailing and fixing. And I can go on my back porch now.”

Glenda said other organizations have offered help at different times. 

“Of all the times people promised to help, it was Home Repairs who kept their word,” she said.

Making a difference is what Home Repairs aims to do for homeowners like Glenda.

"Volunteers from several churches have worked on projects at Glenda's. Her projects exemplify our vision of repairing homes and hearts as churches serve together,” explained Home Repairs Executive Director Mark Wolfe. “Many more like Glenda need our help. This keeps us focused on growing Home Repairs to meet that need."

And Glenda is quick to express her appreciation.

“You don’t know how much I appreciate it all. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. They’ve not only helped me, but they’ve also helped so many others.”

She also encourages others to support Home Repairs any way they can.

“I know it’s a hard time right now, but I’m praying God opens people’s hearts. It doesn’t matter what you give — even if it’s your time. If that’s what God wants you to do, do it,” advised Glenda. “If you ever want to give to something, give to Home Repairs Ministries. They’re making a difference in a lot of lives, especially us elderly.

Want to make a difference? Click here to learn more. 

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