HRM clients are amazing people facing very difficult challenges. It is a privilege to serve them. If you're curious about the kind of life change the widows, single mothers, seniors and people with disabilities we serve experience, check out the stories below. If you want to help make more stories like possible, please consider financially partnering with HRM.

Phil and Mariel

ProgramMaking homes accessible for people with disabilities.

Phil White's daughter, Mariel, a freshman in college, was unexpectedly paralyzed, from the waist down, due to a rare blood disorder, he had no way to get her into the house and no where to stay. HRM was able to build them a ramp and build out an accessible bedroom and bathroom.


Program: Critical home repairs and modifications.

After giving birth to a son with Down Syndrome, Keller went through a difficult divorce and was all of a sudden a single mother of five.  Then, her home problems started...  Here is what HRM's services meant to her.

Tony & Katie

Program: Supporting fostering and adopting families.

Tony and Katie have taken in seven children from foster care (all with significant emotional issues and two with fetal alcohol syndrome) and rescued a homeless youth. What does a loving family like theirs do when they a state-required modification to take in a child or have a home repair need they can't address?  They do what Tony and Katie did and call HRM!